Thursday, September 09, 2004

It's that time again -- Republicans fuss over debates to lower expectations

James A Baker III, lawyer for George Bush and the Saudi Royal family, and a prominent figure in the infamous Carlyle Group (in which the Bin Ladens have, or had, a sizable holding), is Bush's representative in a needless wrangle over presidential debate formats.

And oh yes, wasn't he the guy who would appear frequently on TV and say things like, "the votes have been counted over and over again...", knowing full well that they had not been counted even once, during the Florida 2000 fraud election?

He is. Anyhow, this is a regular republican ploy as long as I can remember. They fuss about the debates, forcing everyone to say their guy is so abysmally devoid of debating skills that he's ducking it. Then they appear, and a full sentence evokes an 'Egad, that's pretty good' from the watching public.

Don't let's fall for this. Bush can debate as well as any one. What he has to say is another matter. My worries in this debate lie entirely with Kerry.

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