Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Eleven Point Lead

My boy asks me why Kerry is eleven points behind. What can I tell him? Is it because the people are blind? Is it because the known devil is better than the unknown? Is it because Bush's convention speech was better? Is it because the RNC was after the DNC? If Bush is just enjoying a post-convention bounce, why didn't Kerry get one?

No good answers. With all of Kerry's faults, what does one do when a President who took the country to war on the imminent threat of weapons of mass destruction shamelessly say it did not matter that none were found, and then discovers that the country doesn't think it matters either? What can a politician like Kerry do? Especially if his spokesman (James Rubin) has also said he (Kerry) would have also taken the country to war, even knowing everything he knows now? Pathetic.

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