Sunday, September 05, 2004

Bush National Guard Records Still Missing

While heroes like Cheney (5 deferments, said he had better things to do than serve in Vietnam) and Arnold (dodged service in Austrian military and was imprisoned for same) were busy impugning Kerry's war record, a story out today reminds us that Bush's service in the National Guard is still an unanswered question See Records Still Missing. Despite a $10000 reward for anyone who served with Bush in the National Guard in Alabama, not a person has shown up. So, who is the liar? One who definitely served, fought and was wounded, but may have exaggerated some details, or one who first dodged the risk, then dodged even that safe assignment, and has lied about both ever since?

As Col. Welch asked Joe McCarthy, someone should ask the Bush, Cheney and Company, "At long last, have you no shame?"

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