Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Sum of All Questions

"What can one conclude from this series of questions? If the 9/11 mystery is like other great, mysterious events--such as the Kennedy assassination--the course is probable. For a year or two, raw emotion over the event forecloses inquiry; for the next several years after that, the public's attention wanes, and the desire to forget the painful memory predominates.

"In a decade or so, though, some debunker will bring new facts into the public arena for the edification of those Americans, then in late middle age, who will view 9/11 as an intellectual puzzle: far from the urgent concerns of their daily lives.

Many people may, by that time, accept that the official explanation is bunk, and suspect that the government had once again tricked the American public, those ever-willing foils in the eternal Punch-and-Judy show. But the majority will neither know nor care about obscure international relationships during a bygone era."
You must read Werther's article! Read it once, twice, three times, and every day, till the maya of media news, political discussion and debate clears away.

Finally, a clear articulation of the questions that subliminally plague, or should plague, everyone who has lived through the last few years. These questions have never been answered, because they have never been asked, in one place, so clearly. Anyone who wants to understand what we have gone through must ask themselves these questions, day in and day out, if we are ever to come out of the labyrinth of false patriotism, fear-mongering, media dementation and criminality, judicial chicanery and political cowardice before a determined effort to turn America into a well-fed (at least for now) -- but not free-ranging -- cattle farm.

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Anonymous said...

One Iranian cleric summed it up last year when he called the Taliban the illegitimate child of the West. So true!

Please keep up the good work, I love your blog. Could you post some of your favourite good reads?

many thanks,