Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rove's Legacy

Good article by Jacob Weisberg in Slate, drawing parallelst between Bush and Rove at the cusp of the 20th-21st centuries to McKinley and Hanna at the cusp of the 19th-20th.

But the article makes the larger point that Rove is a failure. The permanet Republican majority of which he dreamt has drifted farther than it seemed only a few months ago. By the very nature of his client's ineptitude (as noted in Bush, Baath and Beyond):

Rove is a master strategist, his success all the more creditable given the material he has to work with.
Rove is in a difficult situation. Wrongdoing in high places is at best a temporary expedient.

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Michael Meo said...

Permit a respectful disagreement, perhaps stimulated by a certain degree of pessimism. The parallel of Rove and Bush with Hanna and McKinley is more robust, more resistant to the shocks of accident and ill fortune, that your post would suggest.

Coming at the end of three decades of corrupt Republican government, Hanna renewed the Republican dominance of national politics based on the assertion that only the Republicans could deliver a continued national prosperity.

The Democrats withdrew into the Solid South, and even though the Candidate (McKinley) was assassinated, the Republican party so dominated the national discourse that the Progressive Era was in many respects a Republican accomplishment.

Well now, this century's Candidate hasn't got much going for him, but the Democrats are more than loath to enter any fight in defense of the less-advantaged. They backed away just a week ago from an honest condemnation of the War in Iraq by Senator Murtha. Nancy Pelosi has since announced that the Democrats have no stance on Iraq.

Why could not it turn out that Rove's legacy be the successful Presidency of John McCain?