Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gore's Wonderful Stand-Up Tragedy

Last night, I had the opportunity to watch Al Gore's interactive presentation on Global Warming. I cannot recall when I have ever seen such a masterly presentation: great visuals, accompanied by telling but low-key commentary.

Here are some salient facts:
  1. There is a direct and well-established correlation between CO2 emissions and global temperatures.
  2. Both have shown distinct rises in the past 30 years.
  3. In every part of the world, glaciers are melting (excellent side-by-side photos of the same place some decades ago vs. now demonstrate this)
  4. If the half the Antartica glacier drops into the sea, it will cause a 20 foot rise in sea level.
  5. Hurricanes, forest fires, both have shown a sharp rise in the beginning 1990 (order of magnitude)
  6. Global warming not only causes hurricanes, it also soaks up soil moisture from the interior lands too -- if this continues, much of the continental US, for example, will be turned to desert.
A heart-warming talk on global-warming. The danger is real.
It is the real issue facing the world.

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Gidu Sriram said...

Just a small correction. It is not Antarctica glacier. If Greenland disappears, it would increase the sea level by 19.2 feet.