Friday, July 29, 2005

CAFTA Passes - How the West Was Lost

Wrote Paul Craig Roberts in Counterpunch (July 27 2005):
"...the US, formerly a superpower until afflicted with "new economy" syndrome, has lost so much manufacturing capability that it can scarcely produce one submarine every two years and one aircraft carrier every five years. US manufacturing capability is so reduced and shrinking so fast that the president of the American Shipbuilding Association recently said that in the next several years "more and more manufacturing of ship components and systems will migrate to China."
And so it was imperative that Congress pass CAFTA! See article "How the West Was Lost" by Niranjan Ramakrishnan:
"Watch carefully", said the old Russian nobleman in Dr. Zhivago. "You are seeing the last half of the last cigar in Moscow!" With the CAFTA Senate vote today, I felt I was witnessing one of the last nails being hammered into the casket of twentieth century USA.

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