Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Spirit of Gandhi, the Passion of Jesus

This in, about  Fernando Suarez Del Solar, a Mexican Cindy Sheehan, man who had lost his son in the Iraq War, written by a conscientious objector, Pablo Parades, who refused to go to Iraq because he felt the war was illegal. Del Solar has made countless trips to Iraq, both to protest the war and to help Iraqi children. As has Kathy Kelly, one of the bravest yet gentlest Americans.
Each one should ask himself: what have I done to stop this war? And if I haven't, am I not as complicit in its crimes and consequences, including the civil war that seems to have formally begun today? It is well to complain of the erosion of civil liberties, but how many of use the liberties we have? 
Here is an example of one ordinary individual with a conscience can do. Like Cindy Sheehan (see A Satyagrahi is Born), men like Fernando Del Solar shame all of humankind by their own humanity.

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