Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cheney's Story - More full of holes than Whittington's skin

Yahoo had a report from AP about how the Cheney account of his shooting of Whittington does not add up (see VP Accident Tale full of Discrepancies). The story is co-written by Calving Woodward, which, if Calvin is Bob Woodward's son, goes a little toward redeeming the father's stenography-hagiography-histriography of the Bush administration.

Arianna Huffington has an even better point-by-point argument why the Cheney account is so suspect that a thorough investigation is needed. See A few Questions before the Circus folds its Tent.

Bush's exoneration brings to mind an old saying, "like the chameleon standing witness for the fence", that is to say, a chameleon sits on the fence, and cannot be expected to do anything but corroborate its version.

And these were the same people who made an impeachment trial out of a consensual sexual tryst!

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