Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Galloway knocks senators off pedestal

George Galloway, English MP and vociferous opponent of the Iraq war, appeared before the Senate Homeland Security panel this week. Speaking extempore (as it appeared from the video), he blasted the panel's chairman, the slimy Norm Coleman who, it might be remembered, was Clinton's Minnesota campaign chairman before defecting to become the Republican opponent who won after Paul Wellstone's accidental death before the 2002 elections.

One wishes American politicians would speak plainly, as Galloway did. After his plain speaking, to which clearly there was no answer from Coleman, Sen. Carl Levin stood with Coleman to condemn Galloway.

Anyway, here's a full transcript.

You can also watch Galloway's appearance on video.

See the Guardian's report here.

Read the Scottsman's piece on the same topic.


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