Thursday, March 02, 2006

Nuclear Agreement Reached, Protests of Bush visit massive

PM Manmohan Singh and President George W. Bush announced at a joint news conference the reaching of an agreement to share nuclear technology. India would be taken off the 'outlaw' list and provided with key nuclear assistance by the US. In return, India would open up 14 of its 22 nuclear establishments to international safeguards. According to the New York Times, Mr. Bush called it a "historic" nuclear pact that would help India satisfy its enormous civilian energy needs while allowing it to continue to develop nuclear weapons. The Indian side cryptically added that "Under the agreement India will not subject its military nuclear programme and fast breeder reactors to international safeguards. Classification of India's future nuclear reactors into civilian and military will be its sole decision and there will be 'no debate' on these." [Malayalam Manorama]

Meanwhile, massive protests marked Bush's visit throughout [See Slide Show showing protests from across the country - Delhi, Calcutta, Bombay, Madras, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad...]. It looks as though the ordinary people grasp the enormity Bush's crimes better than their governmment.

Bush is expected to travel to Hyderabad tomorrow, and then to Pakistan on Saturday. A US diplomat was killed in an attack near the US Consulate in Karachi today. But President Bush said he would not let that deter him from visiting Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

1999.Long before today!

_ Why is India so keen to sign rubbish discriminating treaty?_

Before the govt. of india and the self respect lacking elite of
India start any seroious discussion with anybody(more so with india's enemy
like u.s.a.)on nuclear treaty ,it must declare what it has in mind and
ask for peoples' mandate in way of refrendrum.After all in u.s.a. the presidents have been elected on hawkish pro-nuclear
programme and even a third rate country like u.k. had elected three times her prime minister
on pro-nuclear issue. These same west nations preach others to be pacifists. If it was good enough
for them then it is good enough for India to ask her people directly on such a matter of national security.
Foreign policy is not done on basis of personal friendship.Who is this Jaswant singh to talk about our nuclear disarmament?
Those who talk of economic benefit are eluding themselves.America want to unarm India and others
exactly so that it can impose his exploitative(anglo-saxon and not western)economy.In that model of
anglo-saxon econmy lies this basic principle-Support your own profit(swadeshi) and take from other countries the
goods at minimum price.That is why they support theier own rotten ,viral infecxted beef(with no self of foreign meat);
not buy Japenese cars unless manufactured in their country. That is also why imf is very keen to devalue others currency so that these anglosaxpons country can buy foreign goods cheap and pay little for it.
Todays' world is full of economic ruins by those who kissed the poisoned hands of america and u.k.Remember India did have very healthy trade
balance with west before colonization not by selling much but by selling at high price.So signing nuclear treaty against Indian interest
would for ever enslave India to tose countries like usa and u.k. who have always been anti-india. Not that they like pakistan or for that matter any europen country
. This is all anglo-american plot to take over the world. Unless India and others realize it and act accordingly, they are in for long duration of slavery.
This not an alarmist scenerio, it is the real picture and Indians are kidding themselves if they
think india has a single friend unless herself.Do you so relationship to
even your cousins if they are powerless and thus poor? We ar not even their cousin.
People of India must demand refrendum on this secretive treacherous talk.

Anonymous said...

1998. Traitor recognized long ago!

Manmohan singh,former finance minister, what is he, if not clear by now with his previous anti-india policy had been clear ,then it should become cristal clear with his recent questioning in Rajya Sabha on 15 th dec. The prime minister was giving statement on nuclear talk with america(which he should not have entered into with america anyway). As Indian policy has been defence and incoherent,He was telling about minimum nuclear deterent that India must have to which this manmohan singh asked what is the limit of minimum nuclear deterence. As if to open all the cards and play into america's hand, Manmohan singh was playing part of American interest' agent. It is the same manmohan singh who some congressmen are saying is more keen than the govt. to get lateset Insurance and patent bill( to sell out to anglo-american interest)passed by the Parliament.
Instead of waiting for world situation till 2002(which is bound to change) Manmohan singh is keen to see that America's interest is served quickly. Tragedy is that this sort of person, and likes of JASWANT singh-foreign minister-who can not win a single mandate from people in democratic election,are the people made to hold important ofiice asnd ofcourse Anglo-americans like that because deviod of public support and democratic mandate, such peoples are ideal agents of anglo-American interest.
All those so called reform under manmohan singh -which was supposed to do exactly opposte of what it did(example of latin america was already there) is still beieng pursued on the same logic under this American spy. Even the lesson of east asia has not been learnt. Those who talk big and bostfill in India must remember that far from being some economic power , If pursuing the same sell out of India, the country will take 50 years to reach the prosprity enjoyed by brazilian elite but will have debt and total loss of sovernity in economic and foriegn policy with in 10 years.

By the way in response to American spys'(manmohan singh)question as to what constitute Minimum nuclear deterence for India the Prime minister should have assured that it would be such that in case of attack, as in bagdad, by the anglo-American goons,India will have effective nuclear and convention weopon to hit at targets in england and united states. Only ,and then only will have India effective deterence.