Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Katrina Heads East, Bush Heads West!

From Niranjan Ramakrishnan's article in Counterpunch today, "From New York to New Orleans: Still Clueless in Crawford, Witless in Washington".

Consider this: As the storm approaches, after warnings of levee collapse and what awaited if that happened, Bush waits it out in Crawford (550 miles from New Orleans), clearing brush and God knows what else. Then, on the day it hits, he moves another 1000 miles away from New Orleans, playing golf in Arizona! The next day, when the levees break and the city is below water, he heads further away (San Diego, 1840 miles from New Orleans) to address veterans!

When the going gets tough, the toughs head due W.

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puck freek said...

i read counterpunch regularly and followed the link here. this admin, owned and operated by big business, will profit from their own inaction. Why be accountable or efficient when the profits are fatter after fucking up? A bigger disaster could not have been more bungled by this corrupt gang of thieves.